All items are produced and shipped from our facility within 3 to 7 days from the time of purchase apart from the order Handling time of 1-2 days. Standard shipping times, then apply. Click the tracking information located in your confirmation email to view your shipping details and lead time. Deliveries may take longer for international orders due to customs regulations within your country.

Please write us at support@jerseysfanatics.com if your order hasn’t arrived within the expected lead time.


Where is my item?

You can view the status of your order by accessing the tracking details link in your shipping confirmation email (you will receive this when your product ships). In addition, you can simply enter your order # in the ‘track packages’ link listed in the support section of our website.


Do you ship internationally?

No. Currently, we are shipping in USA


Your page is not loading, what’s happening?

Please contact us and tell us about the issue you are having so that we can fix it ASAP.


I just noticed that I chose the wrong item by mistake, can you swap my product?

Please contact us as soon as you find out that you have made an error. If we catch the issue before the item goes into production, we can make the change. Remember, we strive to send out your product ASAP so act fast!


I just noticed that I entered the wrong shipping address. What should I do?

Please contact us as soon as you find out that you have made an error. If we catch the issue before the item ships, then we can make the change. Otherwise, we will have to wait until the item is returned to us.


What is your return/exchange policy?

  • Return Instruction

If you would like to return an item to support@jerseysfanatics.com please follow the instructions below within 30 days of delivery. Safely pack the things within the original packaging that came with the merchandise. All Products must be returned as good as it was. If the Products received is broken, please contact our Customer Service.

  • Exchange

So as to exchange a product please contact us at Email:  support@jerseysfanatics.com and then we shall process your query.


What happens if the item was “Returned to Sender”?

If your order has been listed as “undeliverable” and returned back to us, we will ship the package to you at no additional cost.


What happens if my item is damaged?

If your item has any defects or errors on our part, we will replace the item at no additional cost. The damaged product does not need to be returned. If we are unable to replace the product due to inventory issues, we will refund you or send you a comparable item of your choice.


What do I do if I received the wrong product or my product is defective?

If this happens, then we are truly sorry. Please email us at:  support@jerseysfanatics.com and let us know about your order number and how we messed up. Then we will take care of you and cover all costs of getting you the right product, by sending you a new product and pay for the other one’s shipping back to us. We would like you to know that the fulfillment team are humans unlike some who give these tasks to robots (since we make sure to help against unemployment), and they do their best to provide you the best experience when it comes to shopping online, but mistakes are just inevitable sometimes. That’s why we will make sure to correct the issue ASAP! And we are very sorry of what occurred again!

If you have any more questions, please contact us:

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Customer Support: -24/7-

Email: support@jerseysfanatics.com

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